The family drama between former celebrity couple Patricia Knudsen and Joey Ghazlan continues!

In the latest update, Patricia K has finally responded to the allegations made by her ex-husband Joey G who claimed that the TV hostess has cheated on him “about 5 times” and also some other accusations.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Patricia stated that she didn’t wish to air her “dirty laundry” in public and prefer to solve the matter privately. But due to the concerns from various parties, she feels that she needs to address and clarify the matter.

I would NEVER put my daughter’s life in danger! There are certain allegations that are exaggerated and completely taken out of context,” she wrote.

For the “drowning incident” which was previously mentioned by Joey, Patricia noted that they were both present during the incident and their daughter Sophia was wearing a life vest. When she slipped in the pool, the babysitter who was with the couple pulled Sophia up immediately and “she was fine”.


Patricia also stated that she did not throw her child on the floor. “This is a very strong statement which is honestly the most hurtful to hear. I really would like to emphasise that NO such thing happened,” she wrote.

Regarding the kidnapping allegation, Patricia acknowledged that she did let Joey take Sophia away for 4 weeks to spend some time with her paternal grandparents, and she even extended the stay for an extra week. But when Joey told her that he refused to bring Sophia back to Malaysia and asked her to fight for Sophia’s custody, she decided to file kidnapping charges against Joey.

We had a written document which has been signed between the both of us before they travelled to London. Joey has been using Sophia against e whenever he wants just to get back at me which has resulted in me being extremely anxious.”

Patricia also clarifies that she “did NOT walk out” on Sophia for another man, “and Joey knows this very well.”

Joey should not be threatening him or calling him at his work place or wanting to hurt him as he is not involved in our problems and past,” Patricia defending her new love saying that he is an “understanding guy” who makes her happy.

To end her post, Patricia said that the intention for her long post was not for revenge or public shaming, in fact, she wish that  everything can be kept under control for the sake of her daughter.

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