Yikes, there’s drama between Joey G and Patricia Knudsen, and it involves their kid.

The celebrity couple split up months ago, but recently, it was revealed that Patricia Knudsen will file kidnapping charges against Joey G. After Daphne Iking got involved in the drama, Joey G once again resorted to Instagram to tell his side of the story.

Source: Anything Lah

The whole saga was brought to light when Joey G posted several Insta-story posts on 5th July, which accused Patricia K of wanting to introduce her new boyfriend to their baby. While Patricia K did not directly respond to this accusation, she did repost Daphne Iking’s Instagram post – which talked about pitting children against their parents in the case of a divorce.


On Friday night (6th July), Joey G decided that he has enough, and choose to expose Patricia K via a series of Insta-stories. He denies pitting their child Sophia against Patricia K, and reveals that the latter threaten to file a lawsuit against him to have their daughter taken away from him.

He also accused Patricia K of cheating on him, or in his words, “about 5 times to be exact”. He even gave an example of one of the incidents, saying, “In one of those messages she was asking the head of Zalora to throw out a girl who was in his bed so she could come over and get into the bed.

Another accusation brought up by Joey G was the irresponsible parenting of Patricia K. He said that Patricia threw Sophia on the floor, almost let their daughter drown in a swimming pool, and drove their child around although she didn’t have a license.

In his 4-minute rant, he also revealed that he’ll be filing a suit of defamation against Daphne, which he regrets as he “really likes Daphne”. He also admits that he was abusive against Patricia, but remains that “she’s been much more physical” with him.

At the end of the tirade, he said, “If you guys want some real entertainment, then watch this space, ‘cos it’s all coming out – I’m posting up everything. All the times Patricia smashed up my house, all the times she smashed up my car, all of the messages that I found her with other men – you are going to be truly surprised by the real Patricia K.

Source: Anything Lah

Patricia has also responded to the accusation, albeit with a short Insta-story, which read, “Don’t believe in the lies and twisted stories from someone who is obviously a manipulator and upset I don’t want to be with him anymore.

She has also gone private as of time of writing.


Source: Anything Lah / Video Source: Anything Lah/ Featured image: Facebook.

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