Sophia Sue-Lin turns 2 today (Thursday, 4th October). Sadly, her parents – Patricia K and Joey G – are still at odds and it seems things have escalated as the police might soon be involved.

Patricia K took to her social media platforms this morning to vent her frustration at her former beau by exposing his vulgar behaviour. She’s also appealing for help from social media followers and friends to find Sophia.

Source: Facebook

In her lengthy post, the DJ/Emcee wrote:


It’s Sophia’s 2 years old birthday today and I’ve reached the dramatic point of not knowing where Sophia is. I passed Sophia to Joey on the 15th July (almost 3 months now) and I haven’t had her in my arms since. Despite my desperate pleads to see her, Joey went full silent on us (excluding his Instagram rants) and decided to ignore the court orders that were served to him weeks ago. It’s been another 2 weeks now that I haven’t had any news from him and I have absolutely zero idea where he is keeping Sophia away from me.

“I’ve kept quiet as much as I can, even with the slander, lies and threats that has been posted about me, because I wanted to try keep this a private matter as much as I could and I hoped it could have been solved amicably for the sake of Sophia.

Sadly it’s come this far…. Sophia is now a missing child and the next step for me is unfortunately reaching out to the police to find out where she is. Once again, It’s her 2nd birthday today and I can’t describe the excruciating pain I’m feeling on this very special day and I still can’t realise how it’s gotten to this point.”

Source: Instagram

She continued:

The High Court of Malaya issued an injunction order on the 18th September, that obligates Joey to return Sophia to me immediately and also forbid him to leave the country with her, which would be purely and simply kidnapping. If anyone has any leads on where Sophia can be, please contact me. Any information would be useful for me and the police investigation.

I believe that they are still in Malaysia as I have her passport and I haven’t signed any travel consent (which is mandatory) for him to take her outside the country. This is why I’m seeking for my Malaysian followers to please help me! I’m extremely devastated by Joey’s behaviour and despite whatever issues that were between him and I, no mother should ever have their child taken away from them!!!

I will let you make your own opinion about Joey’s mindset and behaviour the last 6 months which is perfectly illustrated in the following video where he completely disregards Sophia to perform an obscene gesture towards myself. When I left him, he decided to move in to the condo in front of mine which is how I have this video and is also the first time I’ve seen Sophia in person since the 15th July.

All I can do now is keep hoping for the best and look forward to the day that I have her back in my arms. I love you so so much Sophia. Happy birthday.”


Joey, who was wearing a white t-shirt with matching white shorts at the time, was accompanied by their little toddler. He was recorded flipping the bird and displaying other vulgar gestures.

When a commenter brought up Joey’s claims that Patricia had made the decision to avoid contact with Sophia for the past few months, she refuted the allegations. “You think that everything he posts (are) true and I would ignore my own child?” she asked.

Patricia went on to explain that she had previously called Sophia, only to be interrupted during the conversation. “It resulted in me telling him I only want to speak to her and then he told me to go f**k myself and hung up on me,” she continued before adding, “I stopped calling him after the constant threats and emails that I wouldn’t see her till we went to court which is then what I proceeded to do“.

Many netizens have since left their heartfelt messages, asking Patricia to stay strong while hoping that the mother-daughter duo will be reunited soon.

Source: Patricia K’s Instagram.

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