The drama between Goo Hara – former member of South Korean girl group KARA – and her ex-boyfriend Choi Jongbum is getting serious with the latter threatening to release a tape of their sexual activities.

Media outlet Dispatch has released an audio which contain evidence that Hara’s ex-boyfriend – whom they referred to as “C” – is blackmailing the female singer by threatening to upload footages of his and Hara’s sexual activities on the web.

Source: Naver

According to Dispatch, the former lover personally contacted the media outlet to offer the story, “I have a report to make about Goo Hara. Please give me a call.”


On the same day, Choi also contacted Hara with the sex tape footage and threatened to send the video to Dispatch, adding that he intends to end Hara’s career as a celebrity.

After realising that Choi has the sex tape, Hara went over to find him and beg him to delete the videos and not spread it on the internet. The footage of her getting down her knees was captured on CCTV.

“I discovered that video in [his] phone. I clearly erased that. It was scary. [I thought] Did he send that to Dispatch? Did he send that to [his] friends? What about a celebrity’s life? As a woman, life was… complicated,” Hara said as translated by Soompi.

“He blackmailed me with the video. For a female celebrity, is there anything scarier than this? I acknowledge the wounds that I’ve given him. I’ll receive my punishment. But what about this other wound that he’s given me? He’s a blackmailer.”

Goo Hara once again pressed charges against Choi for coercion and blackmail, along with violation of the Act on Special Cases Concerning the Punishment, etc. of Sexual Violence Crimes.

Sources: AllKpop, Soompi / Featured Image: Saostar.

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