The names are out! TV personality Joey Ghazlan is keeping his words!

If you guys want some real entertainment, then watch this space, ‘cos it’s all coming out – I’m posting up everything,” as revealed by Joey previously when he allegedly claimed that his ex Patricia Knudsen had cheated on him!


Now the names of the 5 men have reportedly been revealed along with a message conversation between Patricia and one of her former partners.

Earlier today, Joey G had aparently posted several screenshots of a message conversation between Patricia and one of her exes. The screenshots, which have since been removed, contained a list of names which is believed to be the men whom his former beau cheated with.

According to an anonymous source who provided us with the screenshots, Joey posted the images on his IG story shortly after Patricia shared an Instagram photo link on her own IG story.

The link leads to a post on Humans of New York (HONY) Instagram page. HONY is a photoblog and book of street portraits and interviews collected on the streets of New York City.

The post is believed to be about Patricia and Joey. “He’d been drinking all day. At one point he’s got our daughter in his arms, and he tells her to call me a ‘biatch.’ So I start yelling at him. And he hits me so hard with his fist that I had to get 10 stitches,” read the post.


Since the past few weeks, Joey G and Patricia K have been at each others’ throats, and neither one of them is taking the blame.

Judging by the situation, it doesn’t seem like the drama between the former couple will be ending anytime soon.

Featured image: Instagram.

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