If you thought that the fall out between Joey G and Patricia Knudsen had finally settle down – think again.

Yesterday afternoon (Friday, 13th July), Patricia K took to her Instagram account to address a few allegations previously made by Joey G. 5 to be exact. Her statement appears to have riled her former flame once again.

In her statement, the television personality defended herself against “the drowning incident” in Bali, denied “throwing my child on the floor”, and also addressed the “kidnapping allegations”, as well as Joey’s abusive behaviour. She also clarified that she “did nOT walk out” on Sophia for her current beau, Matthieu Gsphe.


This came after Joey posted a photo of Sophia on Instagram. He shared that he had been denied access to his daughter. “Haven’t seen or spoke to Sophia for a week. They won’t even tell me when I will see her again or give me any info on which date she is coming back to me. I should have done the same but I’m not spiteful like that. Oh well, if this is how they want to play then game on,” his emotional post reads.

After claiming that Joey had misconstrued facts about her and accused him of threatening Matthieu at his work place, Sophia’s dad has taken to his Instagram stories to slam her statement. Although he didn’t go into detail on everything Patricia wrote – for “court evidence” – he brought up a few things.

That girl lies so much it’s shocking! She really wants her followers to believe what she wants them to believe. It’s called manipulation and we’ve all been manipulated – even me,” Joey wrote. He also alleged that Patricia was hiding their daughter from him, and “using her as a weapon against me”.

Joey also clarified his issue with Matthieu, insisting that Patricia’s new boyfriend understood his reservations. In addition, he also threw some shade towards Daphne Iking over her Instagram post.


Are you confused by both sides of the story?

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