Brian Tse (謝東閔) is pissed off at Jackson Lai (黎振燁) for his interview with the paparazzi after he missed out on Ashley Chu (朱智賢)’s press conference the day before.

Apparently something Jackson said must have hit a nerve with Brian, who took to his Instagram to call the Mr. Hong Kong winner “a big liar”.


How can a person still stand tall and act so righteous after spewing so much lies,” the 34-year-old singer wrote. He also hashtag Jackson’s Chinese name to avoid confusion with Ashley. The comments section for the post was turned off.

When reached out for clarification, Brian replied, “I was definitely acting on emotion last night. But if a person is still standing tall after saying a lie, and that person is lying because he needs to protect his pregnant wife’s heart and his family, then I will suck it up… As for what lies, he knows!”

Rumour has it that Brian and Ashley’s 3-year relationship was reaching a breaking point, prior to the cheating scandal. It is believed that their constant bickering and eventual fall out led to Ashley’s affair with Jackson when they filmed “Zombie” (食腦喪B). Despite Ashley’s unfaithfulness, Brian maintains that he will stand by her side.

From left: Flow Leung, Brian Tse, Jackson Lai, Wong He

Besides Brian, actor Wong He (王喜) took to his Facebook Live to chime in on this cheating drama. “Can’t get out of character? Ha~ if your character likes to eat sh*t then wouldn’t your mother save a lot of money on food? Your company has so many experienced actors and veterans, all who have set good examples, yet you still have’t shown any improvement. How are you going to continue ‘stealing food’ (cheating), oh, sorry, I mean ‘looking for food’ (earning a living)?” he said.

Flow Leung (梁裕恆) – who competed on Mr. Hong Kong with Jackson – also had nothing nice to say about him. “Remembering how you pretended to be a good man [back during MHK] really makes me want to throw up,” said Flow on Instagram.

He continued, “A bunch of Mr. Hong Kong and Miss Hong Kong contestants were just chatting, but he had to personally step aside and say ‘I can’t chat with other girls because I don’t want to deal with it if my wife minds.’ He made sure the staff could see him. He made sure the executives know about it. It was really (too much). It was just a group of people chatting together, doing some normal socialising. They weren’t telling you to secretly meet up in the middle of nowhere to share a cake. What was the problem?

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From what we’re seeing, no one seems to be buying what Jackson said.

Source: Jayne Stars.

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