Ashley Chu (朱智賢) held a press conference at the TVB studios yesterday (Wednesday, 29th April) where she admitted to having an affair.

Joined by her boyfriend, Brian Tse (謝東閔) explained that he decided to show up for moral support. He has forgiven Ashley after she insisted that things between her and Jackson Lai (黎振燁) were truly over.


In a questionable attempt to explained herself, Ashley said that she couldn’t separate herself from her character’s feelings towards Jackson after wrapping “Zombie” (食腦喪B). “I feel that I’m too inexperienced in acting. I’m not professional enough to withdraw from my character. Thanks to Brian for being by my side at this time. I know he put up with a lot, and felt more hurt than me,” the 33-year-old star was quoted as saying.

She added, “I’m sorry for my lack of professionalism in affecting everyone. I’ll do better from now on. Hope everyone can give me a chance. I’m truly regretful and feel guilty about my actions. Even I can’t accept my own mistake.”

Ashley Chu
Source: Ming Pao

In true boyfriend fashion, Brian even took on some of the blame himself. “She might have lost her way for a bit. I think I have to take some responsibility too because I’m always busy with work and neglected her. She’s a wonderful person, and is very hardworking. I hope everyone gives her a chance, to reflect (on her actions) and can continue to work at TVB,” he stated.

Ashley also thanked Brian in front of the media for publicly standing up for her, admitting, “I know he has endured a lot too, and is suffering, maybe even more than me.” The Hong Kong actress proceeded to apologise to family, cast and crew for her lack of professionalism.

I’m sorry for disappointing everyone. I know I’m wrong. I’m sorry towards the people who love me and gave me opportunities. I disappointed my company, and I apologise to the people whom I hurt,” Ashley concluded. Jackson was nowhere to be seen.

Word on the street has it that Mrs. Lai had also forgiven Jackson and they’ve made amends. The 34-year-old actor has since moved back to their apartment in Upper Wong Tai Sin Estate. It remains to be seen if this cheating scandal will hurt his career and his 10-year contract with TVB.

Source: Jayne Stars

According to reports, Jackson and his 8-month pregnant wife have already made plans to move into the actor’s family’s residence once the child is born. This is to ensure his non-celebrity wife gets the help she needs during postpartum confinement.


Sources: Jayne Stars, 38JieJie.

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