Uh-oh! It seems like Alicia Amin’s not happy with Vivy Yusof for apparently stealing Sleepyllama (real name Nia Atasha Rosli)’s campaign idea.

The outspoken fashion model-actress recently posted a series of statements on her Instagram Stories to share her two cents on this week’s controversy.


Alicia opened, “So are all of us models going to stand in solidarity with @sleepyllama and not work with Vivy and dUCk Groups or nah?” She then continued by reposting photos of both Nia’s past designs and Vivy’s newly-launched collection for her followers to compare, which she remarked, “Even the lighting and the mood are the same.”

She then further commented on the fashion mogul’s somewhat insincere statement, “The only accusation I’ll make here is that you need a NEW creative team because whoever you have now is constantly putting you to shame,” implying that this incident was not the first time for the brand.

Moving on, the 25-year-old spilled, “Don’t get me started on the rates that the FashionValet team offers to the creative team – models, photographers and videographers alike. I’m sure it isn’t easy running a business, but please don’t pretend to care about growing smaller brands if you don’t do everything to help develop them including staying out of their way.”

“If you Google ‘art inspired editorial’, you can see there are so many ways to shoot an art studio. Lighting can be different, the mood…so yeah,” Alicia further suggested, before adding, “I stand with @sleepyllama and other small brands and I hope you do too,” seemingly enraged with what Vivy had done to the 23-year-old.

Do y’all agree with what the “Asia’s Next Top Model” alum had to say here?

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