Sammi Cheng (鄭秀文)’s world has been turned upside down this week after husband Andy Hui (許志安) was caught cheating with Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎) inside a taxi.

Andy, 51, held a press conference and publicly apologised to his wife and loved ones. Jacqueline, 30, has also confessed to cheating on boyfriend of 2 years – Kenneth Ma (馬國明), 45.


I have to deeply apologise to Sammi and my families because I committed an unforgivable mistake,” Andy admitted. “I’m here today to bear the full responsibility of my own actions. That night, I really drank too much, but alcohol is not an excuse for making this mistake. I’m very regretful and can’t even face and forgive myself.”

Yesterday (Wednesday, 17th April), Kenneth broke his silence regarding his beau’s cheating scandal. “Actually, after I learned about this matter, my anger quickly turned into worry. I was worried about all the people involved in this incident. I do not hope for anyone to get hurt. I can only speak for (Jacqueline)… she knows she’s in the wrong and she really wants to come out and speak to everyone. But the company is afraid she’s emotionally unstable and will say the wrong thing, so they did not arrange for her to come out. I know she just posted a message on Instagram,” he said.

He continued by defending Jacqueline, saying, “I can only say she’s still very young, and still has a lot to face in the future – a long road to walk. I hope everyone will give her space. As for me, there’s no need to worry about me – I will continue to concentrate on my work and will keep filming. I don’t hope to impact the filming schedule. Andy has already spoken, so I will not comment on the situation because I think the only person qualified to do so is Andy’s wife, Sammi Cheng. I hope things will settle down as soon as possible.”

After being blindsided by the recent incident, the singer-actress had reportedly suffered a breakdown. Word on the street has it that she has since moved out of their home in Repulse Bay in order to calm down.

This is not the first time Andy was caught cheating on Sammi. Fans are now worried that the female superstar might fall back into depression. In light of everything that has happened this week, Sammi’s record company has put all work on hold to give the entertainer her space.

Source: Instagram

The taxi driver reportedly earned HKD400,000 (around RM210,00) for the incriminating footage of Andy and Jacqueline canoodling at the backseat of the vehicle.


Guess what? There are now apparently “sequels” to the video clip of the scandal. Hong Kong media reports that there are actually 3 videos available that was sold for a total of HK$1.5 million (approx RM790,000). It is apparently a continuation of Andy and Jacqueline leaving the taxi together after they arrived at her place.

Sources: Jaynestars, Strait Times.

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