Zquad and Disney fans, guess what? Zayn Malik was recently spotted in New York’s Central Park shooting a music video. The “PILLOW TALK” singer was seen wearing an olive green suit and polished black shoes.

Rumour has it that the singer was filming a video for his upcoming single for “Aladdin” which is set to be included on the soundtrack of the film, alongside with tunes like “A Whole New World” and “Friend Like Me”.

According to a close source, Malik is looking to revamp his brand image. In fact, he is interested in working on something new to lose his reputation that has become murky in recent years.

The insider said “It would be the first kid-friendly work he’s done since he quit One Direction in 2015 and could make him more viable in terms of his future music career.”

In the past, the singer has been associated with the lead character, Aladdin. Due to his pakistani good looks, fans have demanded for him to play Aladdin.

Unfortunately, Malik doesn’t fit the casting requirement. This is because Aladdin is middle eastern whereas Malik is Pakistani. Despite popular belief, Pakistan isn’t a part of the middle east.

Nevertheless, it’s exciting to hear that Malik is a part of the soundtrack. Are you excited to hear the tune?

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