Dato’ Aliff Syukri and his wife Datin Nur Shahida have revealed the music video of their latest song, “Selawat Dodoi Anakku” which is dedicated specially to their foster child, Qayyum.

According to Datin Shahida, the song was initially made for all of their children, but since Qayyum’s biological mother asked the couple to return her kid after an alleged abusing incident, Datin Shahida decided to dedicate the song to Qayyum instead.

Written and composed by Hafiz Hamidun, the song is a prayer from Datin Shahida and her husband to Qayyum. Many netizens noticed that the song’s possesses similar tunes to Aliff Syukri’s controversial hit “Bobo Di Mana“.

However, unlike “Bobo Di Mana”, “Selawat Dodoi Anakku” is filled with nothing but positive comments and praises as many are touched and saddened by the video and the messages in the song.

Fans of Aliff Syukri and Nur Shahida pray that the couple stay strong and keep on exuding positive vibes to their kids.

For those of you who are not aware, previously Dato Aliff Syukri’s caretaker-cum-housemaid has been accused of abusing the cosmetic millionaire’s adopted son, after a video of Qayyum’s head being shoved by the caretaker went viral on social media.

Since then, people has been bombarding the couple’s Instagram accounts with nasty comments, and this issue has gotten the attention of Qayyum’s biological mother, who requested for the couple to return his son.


With a heavy heart, the couple was forced to return Qayyum to his real mother after taking care of him for more than a year.

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