Last week, a video of Aliff Syukri’s adopted son Qayyum getting his head push by his caretaker-cum-housemaid has been going viral on social media, with people accusing the caretaker of abusing the foster child.

Aliff Syukri’s wife Nur Shahida got into an argument with one netizen for defending the action of the caretaker, saying that the housemaid did that so that Qayyum will look at the camera.


Now, Aliff Syukri has decided to step in and explain the situation. In his latest Instagram video, he said that the cameraman was trying to get a shot of Qayyum, but he wouldn’t turn his head after calling him repeatedly, which is why the caretaker did what she did in the video.

The businessman further said that the housemaid has worked with him for years, so he asks netizens to not jump into conclusion without prior investigation.


The video ended with maid apologising to everyone who got offended by her action.

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