Yes, it’s true. Loki has the ability to shape-shift at will into someone else. But did Tom Hiddleston recently shape-shifted into Ed Sheeran?

An Indonesian newspaper apparently couldn’t tell the 2 Hollywood stars apart. In the article, titled “Tahun Depan Ed Sheeran Tampil di GMK” (which announces that the singer will be appearing in Indonesia next year), a photo of Hiddleston’s Marvel character was printed instead.

Source: Coconuts

According to the printed copy, it was reported that the “Perfect” hitmaker will be bringing his “Divide” world tour to Jakarta (at Gelora Bung Karno Stadium) on 3rd May 2019. The glaring error has since gone viral on social media which many netizens criticising the publication. “That’s Loki, you son of a bitch,” wrote @andjasss.


It is not known which newspaper the clipping was taken from. Having said that, some fans are loving the Loki-infiltrated article. As one Twitter user suggests, “Maybe the one who will perform at the concert is Loki in the form of Ed Sheeran, let’s think positively, guys. Loki is a shape-shifter“.

To quote someone who added a very appropriate Loki GIF: You had one job! But hey, it wouldn’t be a bad deal if the God of Mischief appeared.


Source: Coconut Jakarta.

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