Previously, it was rumoured that the husband of Cecilia Cheung(张柏芝)’s 3rd born child is a 65-year-old Singaporean. Then a few days ago, it was speculated that her husband is Patrick Tse (谢贤)’s good friend Sun Dong Hai (孙东海), a wealthy tycoon from China.

Now, the Hong Kong actress’ studio has put all the rumours to rest by denying it on Weibo with a short and simple message, “It’s fake.”


The 38-year-old actress recently announced publicly via her studio’s Weibo that she has given birth to a baby boy, who has just recently turned 1-month-old.

The post read, “Dear fans, friends in the media, collaborators, the studio is very happy to represent Cecilia Cheung in announcing a piece of happy news: Cecilia Cheung gave birth to her third child in November, and both mother and son are healthy.”

“Her children and family have always been the most important people that Cecilia has taken care of. In the future, Cecilia will give her all to build and enhance the quality of life for her three children as they grow older, and also work towards creating even better projects.”

The post didn’t mention the child’s father, so that means that the identity of Cecilia’s new husband still remains a mystery.

Featured Image: Weibo

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