It’s been 2 week since Twice fans received the heartbreaking news that “TWICELAND ZONE 2: Fantasy Park” concert in Malaysia was abruptly cancelled.

IME Asia has finally issued the refund procedure for concert-goers to claim back their money. 2 images were uploaded on the company’s social media accounts this morning (Friday, 10th August).


Mark your calendars peeps, the refund mechanism process is schedule to take place from 6th September till 6th October. That means fans who wish to claim back their money will only have 1 month to do so. 2 essential things you’ll need are the original concert ticket(s) and the refund form.

For those who made their purchase using credit cards, you are required to present the original physical tickets and refund form together with your credit card details. A full refund will be made 30 days later. Do note that the refund is only valid for customers who match their personal details with the record in the company’s system.

Tough luck if your tickets were purchased from scalpers or other unauthorised channels.

In case you didn’t know, many got to witness the members of Twice paying tribute to Malaysian Onces by wearing traditional batik clothing when they were leaving the country at the airport. Click here to check out photos and videos taken during that day.

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