Pop singer Yuna is accidentally caught on video without her hijab. The video was recorded by her husband Adam Sinclair, which he uploaded on his IG Stories.

The video shows a brief moment of the singer wearing a hat but without her shawl, so her hair and ears were clearly visible.

According to Hangat.Com, Adam was actually recording his father who was drip painting, but he somehow accidentally caught her on camera as well where she was also recording the moment.


Yuna’s hijab style has been a controversial issue for quite some time. The singer started off her singing career as a modest singer, properly covering her head, ears and neck.

But after making her name in the United States, the singer changed her traditional hijab style to a turban which has now become her signature look.

Many fans have expressed their thoughts on her new style which doesn’t completely cover her ‘aurat’ as her neck, part of her ears, and some baby hair can be seen.


Masaya Ono, a Muslim Japanese college student told Projek M that he prefers Yuna’s old look.

“Right now she has a position in the US media and music culture. So if she wear a hijab, she can be the biggest icon for Muslim women and it will be an effective movement against Islamophobia in the US,” he said as quoted.

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