Legions of Onces came out in numbers to bid Twice (트와이스) goodbye following the cancellation of their “TWICELAND ZONE 2: Fantasy Park”.

The concert, which was supposed to take place tonight (Saturday, 28th July) at Malawati Indoor Stadium, Shah Alam, was abruptly called off by JYP Entertainment. The label cited “safety issues” as the main reason but did not elaborate.

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China Press reported that the authorities “found out the stage base was tilted after setting up and it’s due to the stage prop and LED too heavy so they cancelled it as safety is most important“.


Knowing that their idols were flying off today, Ones showed up at the Malaysian airport hours before Twice arrived. Clearly touched by the fandom’s dedication, Sana and Dahyun were in tears. Mina also bowed in appreciation. Beside them, Nayeon was seen holding out a pink paper with a slogan specially for the fans.

Several fans also pointed out on social media that the entire group from Twice decided to pay tribute to their Malaysian fans with a simple gesture by wrapping batik cloths around their body. “It’s kinda like a symbol, how they embraced Malaysian culture even if just a part of it in the short amount of time that they were there,” @MlNACHAEYU commented.

Sana also took to the group’s Instagram to personally apologies and send out her sympathies to Onces who have invested their time and money by flying into Malaysia. She admitted that Twice was slightly embarrassed by this mishap but hope to return to our local shores again and perform for fans. Her post was accompanied by a cute selfie snap.

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Both IME Malaysia and Twice themselves have assured fans of their return. As for the time and place – that is still up in the air.

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