Get ready KatyCats, Katy Perry is cooking up something new.

Just this morning (Thursday, 27th April), the 32-year-old pop star tweeted the cover art of her upcoming single, “Bon Appetit” (featuring Migos), which is taken from long-awaited 4th album.

The image above features Perry’s head served on a platter surrounded by delicious fruits, set upon a blue-checkered picnic blanket. 3 tattooed and blinged-out hands (that belong to the hip-hop trio Migos) can be seen reaching out as she blows a seductive kiss.

Earlier this week, Perry tweeted a clue in the form of a colourful graphic with a recipe on how to bake the “world’s best cherry pie”. Fans were quick to point out the recipe’s last line “Bon Appétit, baby” – suggesting that it’s a hint for her next single.

There’s going to be all kinds of stuff on (the album) and don’t worry, you’re going to have some of that good, old Katy Perry fluffy stuff that you love so much,” she previously told Ryan Seacrest. “I have 1 song called ‘Bon Appétit’ that I love. It’s pretty sexual.”


One lyric line reads, “this pie is gonna hit the sweet tooth, boy”, while the recipe also cheekily instructs the baker to “massage using your hands”, “divide the soft dough into 2 balls”, “make the juicy filling”, and “allow juices to thicken before serving”. It may be about baking, but we’re liking the double entendre.

Since releasing the artwork for “Bon Appetit”, Twitter has been flooded with some of the funniest meme. Check it out:

Although previous rumours have suggested that Ariana Grande will be featured on the track, Perry has debunked initial claims. Regardless, we’ll be banging our forks and spoon on the table until our treat arrives.

“Bon Appetit” will be released tomorrow (Friday, 28th April) 😉

Sources: USA Today, Uproxx.

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