Hot on the heels of announcing her Manila and Bangkok shows, the “Princess of Pop” has now confirmed that she’ll be taking on Singapore too!

Promoter IME Singapore took to their Facebook page to make the surprise announcement late yesterday (Wednesday, 26th April 2017).

Source: IME Singapore

The announcement was also echoed by Sony Music Singapore, Britney Spears’ label, via their official Twitter account shortly after.


This is, of course, not the pop princess’ first time on the island city. She last performed in Singapore 20 years ago albeit at a closed-door showcase. So for one-night only on 30th June 2017, fans will be able to witness and experience Britney Spears in all her high energy glory at a full-fledged concert!

Oh man, we wanna go! We better work, b..

Information is still scarce for now, but IME Singapore is expected to release more details in time to come. We’ll update this post with more information as soon as we get them details 😉

For now, save the date – 30th June 2017!

Sources: IME Singapore, Sony Music Singapore.

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