Inner Circles (as fans of WINNER are lovingly known), the comeback you’ve been waiting for is here.

WINNER has dropped the music video for their double title tracks “Really Really” and “Fool” at 4pm KST (3pm Malaysian time) today (Tuesday, 4th April). The tracks are part of their single album “Fate Number For”, which marks their 1st comeback without former member Nam Taehyun.

Source: WINNER’s Facebook Page

Most of the members participated in the tracks for their latest comeback, with Seungyoon writing the lyrics and composing the music for “Fool”. The dance for “Fool” was also choreographed by Seunghoon. Meanwhile, “Really Really” was revealed to be of the tropical house genre with lyrics written by Seungyoon, Mino, and Seunghoon.


To shoot their music video, WINNER was revealed to have flown over to Los Angeles, California last month. The group will also be promoting their tracks through music shows “Music Core” and “Inkigayo” on 8th and 9th April respectively.

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We must say, WINNER outdid themselves with their 2 latest tracks. Although both tracks are of different genres, they are equally as catchy.

The first track, “Really Really”, is more upbeat with the boys dressed suavely in the music video. With Taehyun’s departure, it seems like Jinwoo has more parts now – and his smooth vocals work well with the beats composed by Mino and Seungyoon.

“Fool” is a much more soothing and melodious song that emphasizes the gentle charisma of each member. The members look dejected in the music video as they look back on the good times they had with their previous partners. However, the recurring theme of lost and reflection will leave your heart aching by the end of the video.


WINNER made their debut in 2014 with “2014 S/S”, which contained the hit track “Empty” and “Color Ring”. They then released their 1st EP “EXIT : E” in February 2016, and was expected to continue promotions throughout the year with the rest of the series.


However, it was pushed back due to Nam Taehyun‘s mental health issue. The member subsequently halted all his activities and eventually left the group in November 2016.

For more info, visit WINNER’s official website and Facebook page.

Source: soompi.

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