YG Entertainment has kept their word!

Fans have been waiting for WINNER to make their comeback since forever, and now, the label has made good on their promise. Inner Circles were in for a nice surprise this morning (Friday, 17th March) as YG dropped the teaser unexpectedly.

Source: WINNER’s Facebook Page

4 seems to be WINNER’s lucky number this time, as the album is expected to drop on 4th April at 4pm KST, if the teaser is to be believed. The image was also titled “Fate Number For (Four)”, but we’re still unsure if it will be the album name. The number also signifies the number of members in the group.


Set in monochrome colours of black and white, the members can be seen scattered around the teaser photo. The concept is a little ambiguous as of now but we’re sure the label will be releasing more photos soon.

This comeback will also be a bittersweet one for Inner Circles, as it’s the group first album release without former Nam Taehyun. It remains to be seen if his departure will hugely impact the group’s musical direction.

Source: YG Entertainment

WINNER made their debut in 2014 with “2014 S/S”, which contained the hit track “Empty” and “Color Ring”. They then released their 1st EP “EXIT : E” in February 2016, and was expected to continue promotions throughout the year with the rest of the series.

However, it was pushed back due to Nam Taehyun‘s mental health issue. The member subsequently halted all his activities and eventually left the group in November 2016. With his departure, it seems like YG Entertainment has decided to put the “EXIT” series on the back burner.

For more info, visit WINNER’s official website and Facebook page.

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