Inner Circles and iKONICs, get hyped because it seems like we’ll be seeing more of WINNER and iKON soon!

A representative from YG Entertainment has confirmed that the 2 idol groups will be making their comebacks early next year, although no set date has been determined.

Source: wwdjapan, noonafan
Source: wwdjapan, noonafan

The full statement reads:


WINNER and iKON are preparing new albums with goals for release early next year. It’ll be after Akdong Musician’s comeback on 3rd January, but the exact release date, order, album format, and broadcast/event schedules are not yet confirmed.

On 15th December (Thursday), WINNER also talked a little about their upcoming comeback on their V App broadcast. They reciprocated the sentiments of the YG rep, as leader Kang Seung Yoon said, “We are preparing for an album early next year. We’ve promised to remain active in other ways until then and so we came together, the 4 of us, to see you all today. We hope its a good gift for you all.

We’re as elated as you, but we’re taking it with a grain of salt, as YG is well known for delaying the comebacks of their artistes.

Source: okmusic
Source: okmusic

However, the entertainment powerhouse has been making good on their promise, as SechKies and BIGBANG released their respective albums, “2016 Re-Album” and “MADE The Full Album”, just this month. Akdong Musician is also slated to make public their full album “Winter (사춘기 하)” on 3rd January.

This will be WINNER’s first comeback after the departure of Nam Taehyun, and it remains to be seen if the group will continue their [EXIT] series or to release another all-new album.

For more info, visit YG Entertainment’s website and Facebook page.

Sources: allkpop, soompi.

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