YG Entertainment has dropped a huge bomb on Inner Circles and iKONICs.

Yesterday (Tuesday, 14th March), they revealed that WINNER will be making their comeback in April, and today, announced that iKON will be releasing a new album in the same month.

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Source: soompi

The label explained that WINNER is currently in the last stages of album production and is planning for a comeback on the first week of April. A source revealed more about the upcoming release, saying, “The members traveled to Los Angeles and finished filming the music video last month. They are planning to perform on music show.


However, another media source stated that WINNER will be making their comeback on 1st April.

In a V Live broadcast last night, the members also expressed their wish to promote actively throughout the year. Leader Kang Seung Yoon exclaimed, “We’ve revealed (our desires) to Yang Hyun Suk and he, too, said that we need to continuously promote this year.”

yg entertainment
Source: WINNER’s Official Facebook Page

YG Entertainment also announced that iKON will be making their long-awaited comeback after WINNER conclude their promotions. According to a source, the idol group is currently in the beginning stages of preparing for their comeback. There is currently no exact date for their comeback.

iKONICs will also be glad to know that there will be 2 music videos this time around. One will be shot today and the other next week. The talented members also wrote the double title tracks themselves.

However, don’t take the announcements too seriously, as we all know how it is when it comes to YG Entertainment 😉

yg entertainment
Source: iKON’s Facebook Page

WINNER and iKON have been closely related to each other, as the group members starred in the reality show “WIN: Who Is Next” prior to their debut. WINNER emerged victorious and made their debut in 2014. Unfortunately, iKON had to go through another survival show “Mix and Match” before debuting in 2015.

WINNER’s Mino and iKON’s Bobby also formed the duo “MOBB” in September 2016 and released the album “The Mobb”.

To keep yourself up-to-date with WINNER, you can check out their official website and Facebook page. For news on iKON, visit their official website and Facebook page.


Sources: soompi (1) (2), allkpop.

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