This is it. This is the debut we’ve been waiting for.

After much fanfare, WINNER Mino and iKON Bobby’s long-awaited sub-unit finally has a name and debut date. In a teaser photo released this morning, YG Entertainment announced that the duo is named “MOBB” and will debut on 9th September (Friday) at 12am.

Source: YG Entertainment
Source: YG Entertainment

It seems like we’ll be able to see the product of the duo’s filming session in Itaewon soon, as the company revealed that 2 digital singles will be release in anticipation of the debut, with each track accompanied by a music video.


This came after the entertainment powerhouse announced the solo debuts of Bobby and Mino on 7th September (Wednesday) and 8th September (Thursday) respectively. Bobby’s solo track is titled “HOLUP! (꽐라)” while “Body (몸)” will be the title of Mino’s song. A few teaser photos were also released by YG, featuring both rappers looking sexy and seductive.


With 3 back-to-back debuts slated for this week, we can’t help but to feel excited!

What do you think of YG Entertainment’s new debut strategy? Do you think the back-to-back debuts will complement the rappers, or cause a rift between fans? Tell us what you think in the comments box below!

For more info, visit YG Entertainment’s official website and Facebook page.

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