After WINNER Mino and iKON Bobby’s stellar performances in “Show Me The Money”, it would be an understatement to say that fans have been demanding for their solo debuts.

But this time, YG Entertainment is going to gift fans with something more than that, as several sources have confirmed that the duo are collaborating on a track. A source from YG Entertainment also revealed that they are in the final stages of the production, with them having concluded the music video filming.

Source: One Hallyu
Source: One Hallyu

The source, who couldn’t reveal much about the production, said that the release date hasn’t been decided yet. However, it was disclosed that the music video was filmed on 5th and 6th August.


On the aforementioned dates, the duo was sighted giving off an impressive performance in front of a popular club in Itaewon. They were there for a guerrilla performance, surprising fans when they performed songs such as “Fear” and “Go”. Bits of an unknown song were also heard, prompting fans to speculate that they were there for a music video shoot.


Mino and Bobby both made their first appearances on mainstream channels through the reality survival program “WIN: Who Is Next” on Mnet. They were pitted against each other as Mino was in Team A (known as WINNER now) while Bobby was in Team B (known as iKON now).

Source: soompi.

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