Last year, Spritzer Slide the City Malaysia made its official debut in Putrajaya, Malaysia and offered Malaysians a splashin’ good weekend that they’re bound to remember for the rest of their lives.

The good news is that weekend is about to make a comeback!

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Yes, you read right. This year, the Spritzer Slide the City Malaysia event is slated to happen again in October through its 2016 Malaysian Tour in several prominent locations around the country. On 15th October (Saturday), the 1,000 feet water slide will take over Johor Bahru.


If you didn’t make it for the previous instalments, you might want to clear your schedule ahead of time to attend this one!

To best prepare you for an epic time at Spritzer Slide the City Malaysia in Johor Bahru on 15th October, here are some little-known fun facts about the event:

1. It became a cult following in only 3 years

“Slide the City” was founded by in the United States by T.R. Gourley, John Malfatto, and David Wulf. Inspired by their own childhood memories, they opened the first slide in Salt Lake City, the company founders’ hometown, in 2013. A video of the event went viral and since then, it has taken place in more than 200 cities around the world including Hong Kong, Vancouver, Japan, Arizona, Cape Town, South Korea, etc. To give you an idea of where the event off to next, check out this map.

2. The slide is the size of not 1, not 2, but 3 football fields


It’s the biggest of its kind and we’re not even making this up (refer to the picture above)! The 1,000-feet long and 24-feet wide water slide (the size of 3 or more FIFA football fields) is made from industrial vinyl and will carry sliders to an 8-to-10-inch deep pool at the finish line. It’s usually divided into 3 lanes designated for single sliders, groups of up to 9 people, and families with kids.

3. Safety first, fun second


“Slide the City” is promoted as a family friendly slip-and-slide water party event. In fact, the company got the slide padded/cushioned to provide a smooth and safe ride. For the Malaysian editions, children 8 years and above (as of event date) or above minimum height of 117cm are allowed to participate. Participants must slide with an inflatable tube and they are not allowed to run, stand, kneel, tumble, or stop on the slide.

4. What to wear to Spritzer Slide the City Malaysia


What should you wear to “Slide the City”? Well, what would you wear to a water park? Whatever you deem is most comfortable to be slippin’ and slidin’ with, that’s what! Although everyone is encouraged to dress to impress, the organiser does advise against anything with exposed zippers, rivets, or other potentially damaging hardware to ensure a safe slide. You can, however, hold or wear your water shoes, sandals, or flip flops while you slide.

5. You’ll never guess who attended the UK edition

Source: Brooklyn Beckham's Facebook page
Source: Brooklyn Beckham’s Facebook page

We meant it when we said that “Slide the City” has gained a huge cult following, so much so that it has piqued the interest of celebrities. One such celebrity who made it a point to participate in the UK edition of “Slide the City” last year was none other than Beckham royalty, Brooklyn Beckham. The young “heir to the Beckham throne” posted up a topless picture of himself doing the thumbs up gesture with the simple caption, “Slide the city” on his Facebook page on 14th June 2015. Much to his fans’ glee, we’re sure 😉

6. It’s a true festival of sorts!


You may want to put aside your gadget(s) and abandon your tethers to the virtual world for one weekend (yes, including Pokémon GO) because Spritzer Slide the City Malaysia is a great opportunity for you to spend some quality time with your family, friends, and loved ones. You see, aside from providing a giant slide for hours of fun, the family-friendly event also features carnival games, live music, food and beverage vendors to make it a true festival of sorts.

7. Giving back through charity organisations

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Source: Monkey Theory

The event that couples fun with fundraising as part of the proceeds from each event will be contributed to a cause local to the venue. Because it is held in various locations, there are different forms of charity including donation, fund-raising, and free tickets giveaway. It supports nonprofit organisations or charities with different nature and aspiration e.g. “Slide the City” Hong Kong supports a charity called “A Drop of Life”, “Slide the City” in Allentown raises funds for “Allentown Youth Organisations United to Help”, “Slide the City” in Boise goes to “Ronald McDonald House Charities of Idaho”, and Spritzer Slide the City Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur edition partnered with NKF while the Johor Bahru edition will be working with orphanages to give children the opportunity to slip and slide, an opportunity that they wouldn’t get otherwise.

8. The first Malaysian event was a sold-out one


The inaugural Spritzer Slide the City Malaysia was deemed a success as due to its high reception, as it managed to sell out tickets with upon its ticket launch in August 2015. Held in December in Putrajaya, the first Spritzer Slide the City Malaysia attracted over 10,000 participants from all walks of life! Believe us when we say that this event is not to be missed. At least not for the 2nd time around, eh? 😉

9. “Slide the City” slid into the Guinness World Records

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Source: Monkey Theory

In 2015, the water slide of “Slide the City” was used by The Trinity River Vision Authority to set the world record for the “longest distance travelled on a slip and slide in one hour” on Panther Island, Texas. According to Guinness World Record, the participants collectively travelled a distance of 774,515.09 metres (2,541,060.0 ft) in an hour.


10. Deals for spills and thrills!

Slide the City Johor Bahru

Let’s face it, nobody will want to go to an event of this scale and have a go at the giant water slide only once. Luckily, Spritzer Slide the City Malaysia is now offering some exciting packages for those of you who want to get the best out of your day! Choose from the Tripler Slider, Unlimited Slider, and Save-n-Slide packages for you and your family/friends to slide multiple times. Get your tickets here.

Don’t say we didn’t share 😉

Spritzer Slide the City Malaysia is brought to you by Monkey Theory, the exclusive franchise holder for the event.

For more information, visit Slide the City Malaysia’s Facebook page.

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