The boys are back!

After many delays, YG Entertainment’s idol boy group WINNER has finally made their comeback with 3 music videos. Released a little after midnight today (Monday, 1st February), the first of the “holy trinity” of videos is none other than “Baby Baby”. Most of you would’ve already seen the making film by now and have at least a general idea of what it’s about.

WINNER Baby Baby


“Baby Baby” is a track that was written by Nam Tae Hyun, Song Min Ho, and Lee Seung Hoon and composed by Nam Tae Hyun. The music video starts off with WINNER presenting an award for the best new artiste of the year before focusing on each member dealing with the loneliness behind the limelight.

INNER CIRCLE, feast your eyes on the music video for the title track off WINNER’s comeback album, “Baby Baby”. Enjoy:


Interestingly, the music video for “Baby Baby” is directly linked to the music video for member Nam Tae Hyun’s solo song. The heart-wrenching track has an equally befitting music video, which will make you switch to “Team Tae Hyun” faster than you can say “I’m Young”.

A contrast from “Baby Baby”, the “I’m Young” music video shows a softer, more mature, and more intimate side of Nam Tae Hyun. The idol plays the role of a man in a relationship, flying thousands of miles to find his loved one (a very pretty French girl!), only to have his shattered at the very end.

Um, there’s also a lot of kissing involved, but we won’t spoil it further for you. Watch the music video below:


“Exit Movement: E” also features the song “Immature” as well as Nam Tae Hyun and Song Min Ho‘s duet “Pricked”. WINNER is expected to perform 3 of their songs off the album at their M! Countdown comeback stage on 4th February.

For more information, hit up WINNER’s Facebook page.

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