It seems like fans will be able to enjoy new music from Nam Taehyun soon!

After leaving WINNER, the singer was revealed to have formed his own band. Earlier this month, a photo showing his alleged band members surfaced on the interwebs, and now, Taehyun has updated fans on his current activity.

nam taehyun
Source: Tumblr

The concise statement was released on his personal Tumblr and Instagram. While the notice is still up on his Tumblr, it has unfortunately been taken down from his Instagram.


It reads:

I am thinking about releasing an album soon…For my album, I am producing it with an EP or full (album) in mind. I am busy every day with ensemble (practicing) and editing. There are about 8 to 9 songs that will go in the album. I will show you many different sides of myself. Thank you.

If all goes well, this will be the talented singer’s first album after leaving WINNER. However, he has been fairly active on Soundcloud, releasing new music regularly even after his departure.

nam taehyun
Source: Nam Taehyun’s Tumblr

Fans are speculating that his band will be named “South Club” as he has been using it extensively on his social media. He also just opened a Twitter account under the handle @South_Club_Real. While there’s no official confirmation yet, fans have identified the potential members of the band. They are guitarist Kang Kun Ku, drummer Won Young, bassist Solomon Kim, and pianist Yoon Hwi.

Interestingly, WINNER is also slated to make a comeback this coming April and aims to promote actively throughout the year.

Sources: chrissy96_’s Twitter, southclub_band’s Twitter.

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