Villainy runs in the family.

Gru is about to find out that he has a twin brother he never realised existed. His twin named Dru (also voiced by Steve Carell) is not only more successful and handsome, but he also has a full head of beautiful hair.

Despicable Me 3
Source: Universal Pictures

In “Despicable Me 3”, Gru is attempting to be a good example as a father to his adopted daughters, Margo, Edith, and Agnes, by putting his criminal dealings behind him. Dru, however, seems to be a bad influence on Gru.


The image above does a good job in summing up the dynamic between Gru and Dru’s relationship. Dru is, essentially, the opposite of Gru – everything from his vivacious personality to his fashion sense, and of course, his flowing blonde hair.

Despicable Me 3
Source: Universal Pictures

In the first trailer, we were introduced to the new baddie in town, Balthazar Bratt (voiced by Trey Parker). The eccentric super villain isn’t just known for being a Michael Jackson fanboy, but he also sports an interesting choice of weapon (read: bubble gum and rubik’s cube).

While working through their sibling rivalry, Gru and Dru will team up in an effort to defeat Balthazar and save the day. Oh right, audiences can also expect more shenanigans from the yellow gibber-jabber Minions. If you thought the Minions were annoying, wait till you meet Dru.


“Despicable Me 3” is slated for release on 30th June 2017.

For more info, hit up the film’s official Facebook page.

Sources: Screen Rant, Polygon.

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