South Korean rapper Choiza (최자; real name Choi Jae Ho) and former f(x) member Sulli (설리), the duo that made regional headlines back in 2014 for being the most unlikely couple in the Korean entertainment industry, have gone separate ways.

In December 2016, rumours were rife that Choiza and Sulli split following the latter’s bizarre and unexplained wrist injury. The couple later shot down the break-up buzz when they uploaded Instagram posts of themselves spending time together.


This time, however, it’s for real.

The news first surfaced when “insiders” let slip that the pair recently called it quits after more than 2 years of being together. Sulli’s label, SM Entertainment, later confirmed the news. In a statement, a representative from the South Korean entertainment powerhouse said, “It is true that Sulli and Choiza recently broke up. The two decided to leave behind a good junior-senior relationship.”

Choiza and Sulli’s relationship was first revealed by popular South Korean media outlet, Dispatch, when they released photos of the couple enjoying a night out together in Namsam Tower. The said expose left SM Entertainment and Choiza’s label, Amoeba Culture, confirm that they were indeed dating.

Source: Sulli’s Instagram

Anyone else saw this coming a mile away?

Sources: akp, asianjunkie / Featured image: Sulli’s Instagram.

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