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f(x) Sulli is currently on a temporary hiatus from the girl group’s activities, but several Korean news portal reported that the singer/actress has halted all f(x) activities as she is in the process of leaving the group. The news was first reported by Korean news site Herald Review Star.

Source: Asian Junkie
Source: Asian Junkie

The idol reportedly left f(x) to concentrate on her acting career. However, Sulli will still remain as an artiste for SM Entertainment as her contract has yet to expire. It is unsure what her next step will be once her contract ends. SM Entertainment has yet to release an official statement regarding the debacle.


It was also reported that f(x) will be making a comeback as a 4-member group with only Krystal, Luna, Victoria, and Amber on board this September. This isn’t the first time that Sulli has been excluded from f(x)’s plans, as she was notably absent from the group when they were shooting for their Baskin Robbins advertisement.

f(x) has been on hiatus since August 2014, after promotions for their 3rd full studio album titled “Red Light” ended. Their promotions were cut short as it was marred by news of Sulli’s alleged relationship with Choiza. The agencies for both sides admitted that they are indeed in a relationship, however, Sulli was soon surrounded by pregnancy rumours. This was proven to be fake but the damage was already done as Sulli was forced to go on temporary hiatus from f(x)’s activities since then.

Source: imgur - f(x) Taiwan
Source: imgur – f(x) Taiwan

After the fiasco, the remaining f(x) members focused on their solo careers, most notably Amber, who released a solo album titled “Shake That Brass“. Victoria and Krystal concentrated on their acting career while Luna has since improved on her singing and released an OST single.

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UPDATE (25th June, 11:24am):

SM Entertainment has released an official statement regarding the situation. However, the information is vague as they did not ascertain whether or not Sulli is leaving the group.

They said:

We read the articles regarding Sulli leaving the group. We are currently trying to check the situation. We are seeing whether there is any truth to this internally within the company. So once everything is organized, we will send out our statement.


Stay tuned for any further updates!

Sources: Koreaboo, soompi, allkpop

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