Former f(x) member Sulli has been rushed to the hospital for a wrist injury, and speculations are rampant that it was a suicide attempt.

The actress was admitted to the emergency room of the Seoul University Hospital just today (Thursday, 24th November), and spent 30 minutes there for treatment. She was accompanied by her manager and had to get multiple X-ray shots.

Source: soompi
Source: soompi

However, netizens are speculating that it could be more than that, citing her “bizarre” and “crazy” social media posts as hints for her deteriorating mental health. The area of the injury, her wrist, also raises suspicions, and netizens are saying that a break up with Choiza prompted her to harm herself.


In response to the controversy, her label, SM Entertainment, released a statement saying:

After checking with Sulli, it’s revealed that she was rushed to the emergency room in the early morning for an arm injury that occurred at home due to her carelessness. She has returned home after receiving treatment.

Meanwhile, Choiza’s agency, Amoeba Culture, refused to comment on the issue, stating:

There’s gossip regarding Choiza and Sulli’s allegedly bad relationship, but we cannot say. It’s not possible for the agency to look into the domain of his personal life.

Source: Good Mo Music
Source: Good Mo Music

According to an insider from the hospital, Sulli was in the emergency room in the afternoon, and her left wrist suffered a 5cm cut which was “deep enough to show her muscles”. Fortunately, she was treated quickly.

However, an official representative from the hospital refused to give a definite answer, revealing that they are unable to disclose anything as it is classified information.

Sources: allkpop (1) (2) (3), soompi.

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