In July last year, SM Entertainment’s K-Pop idol girl group f(x) had to halt promotions for their then-new album, “Red Light” as it was announced that Sulli will be going on hiatus.

The difficult decision was made after the idol requested for a break following a string of rumours about her pregnancy, amongst other things.

f(x) Red Light music video teaser


Before the announcement, Sulli was noticeably from the group’s performances at the music shows. Little was heard about Sulli except for news of her newfound relationship with Dynamic Duo’s rapper, Choiza, which sparked the pregnancy rumours in the first place. At first, their respective agencies denied the dating rumours, but later confirmed it when Korean media outlet Dispatch released pictures of them together.

It sparked more rumours about Sulli and the future of f(x) but at that time, SM Entertainment denied media reports which claimed that Sulli will be leaving f(x).

Choiza Sulli Dating

“The content reported about f(x) is completely untrue,” the agency was quoted as saying.

Then, in June this year, about a year into Sulli’s hiatus, rumours of her leaving the group surfaced once again. The news, first reported by Korean news site Herald Review Star, stated that the idol reportedly left f(x) to concentrate on her acting career but will still remain as an artiste for SM Entertainment as her contract has yet to expire.

SM Entertainment later released a statement that neither confirmed nor denied the news.

fx Sulli

And just today, it has finally been officially announced that Sulli is pulling out of f(x).


SM Entertainment sent out a notice which read:

After negotiating with Sulli, who is currently taking a break, about her future activities, we have decided to respect her wishes, and she’ll be leaving f(x) and focusing on her acting.

As such, f(x) will continue on as a 4-member group consisting of Victoria, Luna, Amber, and Krystal (Jessica Jung‘s sister). SM Entertainment added that the girls will continue to juggle group and individual activites as they always have.

f(x) Baskin Robbins

Did the above news surprise you? Would you have had it any other way? Well, what can we say? Can’t deny that we saw this coming from a mile away. Nevertheless, we’re happy for her regardless of what she chooses to do for her career.

All the best to you, Sulli!

Source: akp.

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