Girlfriend of Dynamic Duo’s Choiza and former f(x)’s member Sulli (설리) is in hot soup for her Instagram posts that are deemed “sexual” by netizens.

Her latest Instagram photo shows the actress lying on bed wearing a sleeveless top and underwear with a piece of bread in her mouth. The caption reads, “I only wear glasses when I’m driving. Truthfully, my eyesight is really bad. But I’ll just live the way I see.”

Source: Sulli's Instagram
Source: Sulli’s Instagram

The attention she received is not all positive. One user commented, This chick always has something in her mouth”, referring to a short clip of her swallowing whipped cream in an “porno” way that she posted last week.


“At my school all the guys went crazy at Sulli’s whipped cream video. They automatically thought of sex and it became a dirty but entertaining topic of discussion among the boys. You can’t deny it anymore. She is a sex addict,” commented an Instagram user.

Source: Sulli's Instagram
Source: Sulli’s Instagram

According to netizens, the weird whipped cream video is not the first time Sulli showed sexual indications. Fans and haters alike began to dig out many of Sulli’s past Instagram posts to judge her intentions.

There are a few posts that caught their attention and one of them is a photo where the star wore a school girl uniform that shows her belly. Her innocent look and her pose seem to be referencing Japanese school-girl adult films.

Many fans said that Sulli changed after leaving f(x). Do you think she changed for the worse or are netizens jumping into conclusions? Let us know in the comment box below 🙂

Source: All Kpop/ Featured image: Sulli’s Instagram.

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