Ever since f(x) member Sulli announced her hiatus from the group’s activities, little has been heard on her whereabouts. However, more photos of the K-Pop idol and Dynamic Duo’s Choiza spending time together have surfaced today.

Dispatch said they’ve caught the 2 spending time together on 10th August. As seen in photos, Sulli and Choiza enjoyed a night out together to Namsan Tower. Dispatch also revealed that the night didn’t end there for the couple as they later visited a drive-through theatre to watch the screening her Sulli’s “Pirates” from the car:

Choiza Sulli Date
Source: Dispatch

Up until today, both f(x)‘s management agency, SM Entertainment and Dynamic Duo’s management agency, Amoeba Culture have denied that Choiza and Sulli were dating. Until the pictures from Dispatch surfaced, that is. Maybe it was due to the fact that this wasn’t the first time that they were both seen together and hence, SM Entertainment and Amoeba Culture have responded to the pictures.


SM Entertainment said, “Sulli and Choiza are of the relationship in which the two depend on each other”, which was short and sweet enough. Amoeba Culture, on the other hand, wrote, “The two were of good sunbae-hoobae (senior and junior) at first but started to develop interest in each other, and are now seeing each other with good feelings. We thank everyone who loves Choiza, and please give the two your love and support.”

Choiza Sulli Dating

Following which, Choiza himself also delivered a lengthy and semi apologetic message through the agency:

I want to sincerely apologise for causing concern to many for not having been able to explain clearly despite the continuous speculations due to various personal circumstances. I thought that the solution was not to continue to remain silent as it shouldn’t have to be that my relationship with her becomes another source of pain for Sulli, who is already suffering from malicious rumours and comments. So far, we are in a stage where we have good feelings toward one another and are cautiously progressing forward, so I hope that you will all watch over us with interest. Thank you.

In addition to that, SM Entertainment denied recent media reports which claimed that Sulli will be leaving f(x). “The content reported about f(x) is completely untrue”, they said.

Well, since it has been confirmed, we wish Sulli and Choiza all the best!

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