“Goblin” might have ended in January, but the hype is far from over.

In a recent photoshoot and interview with Arena Homme Plus, Grim Reaper Lee Dong Wook addressed issues regarding his casting. In previous reports, it was revealed that the 35-year-old actor almost missed the role as Wang Yeo.

Source: Arena Homme Plus

However, he revealed more details to the issue. He explained that writer Kim Eun Sook has never had another actor in mind, and he was casted even before Gong Yoo was decided as the Goblin.


He expressed:

I read an article about how I was cast in ‘Goblin,’ and I was upset to discover a few parts that were described incorrectly. It’s true that I reached out to writer Kim Eun Sook for the grim reaper role, but it’s not true that she had another actor in mind for the role. After the article went out, she called me up very apologetically. But the truth is, I went up to writer Kim Eun Sook before the synopsis was out and even before Gong Yoo was cast as the goblin.”

Source: Arena Homme Plus

The heartthrob also said that he was initially offered the lead role of another drama, but chose to forgo that as the Grim Reaper “seemed like a very attractive character”. Dong Wook did not reveal the name of the drama, but exclaimed that it “ended up doing well too”.

It seems like he didn’t regret his choice, though, as the man couldn’t stop gushing about his breakthrough drama. “The story line, fantasy genre, the setting of a goblin and grim reaper living together, playing double roles, and everything else about the drama was great.

Source: Arena Homme Plus

Of course, with all the bromance going on in “Goblin”, it’s hard to not talk about Dong Wook without mentioning Gong Yoo.

On their relationship, Dong Wook revealed, “We’ve been close for a while. We served in the military together, but acting in the same drama is completely different, so I told him that I’d support him well, and he then told me to act to my heart’s content. Filming the drama was a lot of fun, possibly because we started out with an honest conversation. All of the cast members enjoyed filming, and by the end of the drama, I felt like I had spent a really great time in a world created by our ‘creator’ Kim Eun Sook.

Source: Arena Homme Plus

Lee Dong Wook will also be embarking on an Asia tour starting next month, and Singapore has been confirmed as one of the locations.

If you’re still suffering from “Goblin” withdrawal symptoms (like us), we have the exact remedy for you! We’re giving away the drama’s exclusive OST, so join the contest here.

Source: soompi.

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