SONEs, it’s time to bid goodbye to your money.

SNSD Girls’ Generation will be releasing a special album to commemorate their 10th anniversary, reported South Korean media outlet Sports DongA, who sourced an industry insider.

Source: LikeTimes

The report explained that the girl group will be releasing their album around late July. The insider also revealed that SM Entertainment is also aiming to drop the album as close to 3rd August as possible, to match the release date of their debut track “Into The New World”.


The album “will look back at the 10 years Girls’ Generation has been together and look forward toward the next 10 years”. SNSD has reportedly started to make preparations for their comeback.

However, SM Entertainment has also released a statement addressing the report. It simply read, “There has not been anything decided yet.”

Source: GGPM

The members were all last seen together on Tiffany’s Instagram Live stream. They were at the set of their shoot for Casio and talked to fans about the possibility of a comeback.

Towards the end of the stream, Seohyun exclaimed, “Don’t you think there will be something (for our 10th anniversary)? I would like it if you’d wait.” This was followed by Tiffany, who said, “Stay on standby for us, because you never know when we’re gonna comeback.

Source: Wonderful Generation

If the rumours are true, this would be their 1st release in 2 years. Their last release was in 2015 with their 5th full album “Lion Heart“. It included hit songs “Lion Heart“, “You Think“, and “Party“. Since then, the members have been busy with individual activities, with several of them branching out into acting.

Sources: Koreaboo, soompi.

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