Forget what you saw in “Party” and “Lion Heart” because SNSD Girls’ Generation’s latest music video is going to make your jaw drop and have you scrambling to pick it up.

In fact, the “Party” had only just really started with “You Think“!

SNSD GG You Think


Much like SM Entertainment’s K-Pop idol girl group’s previous dance-y music videos e.g. “The Boys”, “I Got A Boy”, “Catch Me If You Can“, this newly released music video features them doing what they do best – being dancing machines.

As most SONEs (SNSD Girls’ Generation fans) would agree, aside from these gorgeous idols’ looks and syrupy sweet vocals, they’re also best known for their perfectly synchronised dance moves with perfectly timed expressions to match. It’s safe to say that “You Think”, coupled with its addictive beat, is bound to get your heart reacing 😉

Quite a change from the summery “Party” music video and the retro-ish “Lion Heart“, if you asked us.

Watch the music video below:

Can’t wait to see them take the stage to perform their new songs live? The group’s first comeback stage is slated to happen on 21st August via KBS’ “Music Bank”.

For more information, hit up SNSD Girls’ Generation’s Facebook page.

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