The story of Jessica Blue continues to unfold…

Last week, the world got to see the 1st of 4 posthumous music videos which Christina Grimmie filmed prior to her tragic death. “Snow White” introduced us the singer’s fictional character, Jessica, and the new visual, “Anybody’s You”, picks up directly where the first video left off.

Source: Yoni Goldberg via Billboard

After her initial suspicion of her boyfriend, Jessica stalks him from a distance through a couple of dramatic sets because she thinks that he’s cheating on her. Upon seeing him being affectionate towards the chick beside him on a romantic rooftop, Jessica approaches him for a confrontation. But is he really cheating? The plot twist is open to interpretation.


Jessica ends up running away from the scene in tears. She then expresses her ongoing frustration and just how heartbroken she really is to her grandmother, saying, “I don’t know. I know it’s not my boyfriend, and I know that it’s not my crap-paying job. And it can’t be my show case this Friday, because everybody knows I’m just gonna crash and burn with that, too, so….it must be me, then, right?

“Anybody’s You” ends on a cliffhanger with her granny telling her to “come with me”.


Overall, the 2nd track from Grimmie’s visual “Side A” EP series is just as powerful. We like that the song has a little more R&B feel to it as compared to the previous tune. Like many of her fans, we are really looking forward to find out what else happens in the story.

2 more music videos will be released for “The Ballad of Jessica Blue” on these following dates:

  • “Deception” on 25th August
  • “Without Him” 1st September

Grimmie’s life may have been cut short, but we’re glad that the late singer’s camp is honouring her by releasing these new music treats for the fans.

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