It’s BIGBANG’s 10th anniversary since their debut and true to their name, they’re celebrating it with as much fanfare as possible.

A movie, an exhibition, and a concert; those are just some of the festivities that VIPs (as BIGBANG fans are lovingly known as) will have the chance to participate in. So far, there are 2 more unlisted events on their BIGBANG10 website and frankly, we’re not sure if BIGBANG could offer anything better than their movie.

Source: BIGBANG10
Source: BIGBANG10

And yes, by that we meant that we’ve already watched the movie. Again, yes, it’s worth every penny of your money and we would definitely watch it in the cinemas again. Before we proceed to tell you how awesome the movie was with our movie review, let’s refresh ourselves with the story line of the movie for the sake of the uninitiated.


Well, who are we kidding, there’s no real story line, the whole movie is just BIGBANG being their goofy and honest selves while hopping from city to city for their “BIGBANG 2015 WORLD TOUR [MADE]“. We see the members in their natural state; not the cool and charismatic personas that they exude on stage, and also not the overly-exuberant and charming facade that they give themselves whenever they’re on variety shows.

We see the “REAL” BIGBANG.

Without offering too many spoilers, we would like to reveal that not only the happy times are shown on screen. Even the sad, emotional, and angry states of the members were revealed to the audience. As such, we got to know the members as normal human beings, just like you and I, not the image and identity that they try to sell. Once you know their real personalities, they immediately become a lot more relatable and approachable; or in some cases, hostile and repugnant, depending on how you see things.

As they say, the cinematography and background music can make or break a movie, and in this case, I think we can all agree that it made the experience a lot more engaging.

The movie was shot in such a way that cinema-goers felt like one with the concert audience. Wide shots were often used; but not too much, as this movie is for the fans after all. And what do fans want to see? The faces of their idols. However, it was enough for us to experience the exhilarating and electrifying feeling of seeing your idol so near, yet so far away from you. And when close-up shots were utilised, they captured the emotions of the members perfectly. Whether it was BIGBANG jumping on stage while singing “Bang Bang Bang” or performing the melancholy tune of “Haru Haru”, their expressions were all caught on camera.

Also, when transitioning from one segment to another, the apt music choices allowed our emotions to smoothly change. One moment they were talking about a sad memory, and another, they were suddenly reminiscing happier times; but it was all fine, as the music enabled us to connect all the different dots while still retaining the coherency of the movie.

Source: BIGBANG10
Source: BIGBANG10

However, if we had to choose the best part of the movie, we would say it was the beginning. Some behind-the-scenes footage of their tour was shown, from the concert’s conception up ’til the day of the final rehearsals. Fans finally got to see the creative process behind BIGBANG’s concert tour and understand how an event of such proportions can fall into all the right places.

Too often, we get to see the final product, which is the day of the concert, and completely neglect the effort of all the other parties and staff that made it possible. Through this movie, we got to see that BIGBANG was not the only element of the tour; in truth, they are only a small part of the puzzle. Without the help of their make-up artistes, choreographers, hairstylists, managers, dancers, fitness instructors, concert director, creative people, and all the other staffs, BIGBANG wouldn’t be who they are today, and they wouldn’t be standing where they are this moment.

Source: BIGBANG10
Source: BIGBANG10

All in all, we have to say that the movie did not disappoint. In fact, it exceeded our expectations. Honestly, we were prepared to witness the members offer another one-dimensional side to the idols – the fun and amusing side to them – which is usually the case with K-Pop groups. However, we were surprised to see that emotions ran high throughout the movie and we almost cried a few times.

We’re sorry for emphasising this again, but this is a movie well-worth your money, especially if you’re a BIGBANG fan. Even if you’re not, trust us when we say that you’ll appreciate the glimpse into the life of a K-Pop star. And you never know, you might just be converted into a true blue fan after the movie!

Watch the trailer here:

If you have watched the movie and wanna recap, here’s 12 of our favourite moments from the movie. Feel free to share your favourite moment too, by leaving your thoughts in the comments box below 😉

“BIGBANG10 THE MOVIE – BIGBANG MADE” was released in cinemas today (Thursday, 28th July) and is currently available in selected cinemas nationwide.

For more info, visit BIGBANG’s 10th anniversary website or their official Facebook page.

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