Malaysian VIPs, here’s something to brighten up your Monday!

BIGBANG10 The Movie – BIGBANG MADE“, a movie to celebrate BIGBANG’s 10th anniversary since their debut, will be premiering in Malaysia soon! Slated for release on 28th July, the Malaysian trailer was released by United International Pictures Malaysia last Friday (8th July).

BIGBANG10 The MovieThe Malaysian trailer and the Korean trailer are largely the same, with only 1 minor difference – the sentence “DI PAWAGAM 28 JULAI (In cinemas 28th July)” plastered on the top right corner in the former. The otherwise similar trailers show the members of BIGBANG giving impromptu interviews, practicing their dance moves, showing off their singing prowess, and purely just having fun in the presence of the other members.


Oh, and this time, you’ll be able to watch the trailer with English subtitles 😉


It is unsure which cinema will be showing the movie, but apparently, TGV Cinemas has replied to the inquiries of fans via Facebook Messenger, stating that they will be screening the concert. In 2013, the “BIGBANG ALIVE GALAXY WORLD TOUR” movie was also played exclusively in TGV Cinemas, with limited screenings in selected cinemas for a period of 2 weeks.

UPDATE (15th July, 10:40am):

It’s time to party!

Just moments ago, TGV Cinemas officially announced that they will be screening “BIGBANG10 THE MOVIE – BIGBANG MADE”! United International Pictures also confirmed the news in a Facebook post.

However, they did not release ticketing details and we still don’t know which cinemas will be playing the movie.

Source: YG Entertainment
Source: YG Entertainment

UPDATE (27th July, 10:31am):

Get your money ready because TGV Cinemas has released the ticketing details for “BIGBANG10 THE MOVIE – BIGBANG MADE”!

According to their website, a total of 5 cinemas will be screening the movie, more specifically, 1 Utama, Encorp Strand Mall, Sunway Pyramid, 1st Avenue Penang, and Tebrau. The movie will play from Thursday (28th July) to Sunday (31st July), with at least 2 showtimes per day at each cinema. The price for each ticket is RM25.

For full details, click here.

Source: BIGBANG10
Source: BIGBANG10

Be quick, ‘cos we know how quick VIPs can be, seeing as how 80% of the tickets for their “BIGBANG 2015 World Tour [MADE] in Malaysia” concert were sold out in less than half a day.

That’s all we have for now, but remember to stalk us on Facebook and Instagram as we bring you more updates 😉

For more information, visit United International Pictures Malaysia’s Facebook page and TGV Cinemas’s Facebook page.

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