In January this year, BIGBANG (빅뱅) member T.O.P (real name Choi Seung Hyun) shocked VIPs when he casually said that there’s about one year left for BIGBANG, all 5 of them, to be on stage together, indicating that one or more of the members will enlist in the mandatory army training this year.

Fret not, because true to their name, they ain’t going out without a big bang 😉

To celebrate BIGBANG’s 10th anniversary since their debut, YG Entertainment has rolled out “BIGBANG10”, a variety of events to commemorate the occasion.


Along with the announcement, a website dedicated to “BIGBANG10” was unveiled.

The first on the list of events is none other than a documentary-style “BIGBANG10 The Movie”, which came with a sneak peek trailer. The clip contains footage from BIGBANG’s #MADEWorldTour, including airport arrivals, photoshoots, rehearsals, music video making, backstage antics, interview snippets, and some narratives.

This would mark the first ever BIGBANG movie.

BIGBANG10 The Movie

And if it’s any solid indication, as seen on the website’s menu bar, fans can expect more exciting things to come after the release of “BIGBANG10 The Movie”.

Unfortunately, there has been no word on when the painfully delayed BIGBANG “MADE” album will be released. Perhaps in conjunction with this grand “BIGBANG10” celebration somewhere down the road? 😉

Meanwhile, watch the “BIGBANG10 The Movie” trailer below:

“BIGBANG10 The Movie” is slated to be released on 30th June 2016.


For more information, hit up the BIGBANG10 website or BIGBANG’s Facebook page.

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