VIPs, drop everything and prepare to hyperventilate because your Kings are gonna be on the big screens really, really soon.

For BIGBANG’s 10th anniversary, YG Entertainment announced that they will be releasing a movie detailing the group’s journey through their latest comeback, with exclusive footage from their world tour, music video making, photo shoots, and also raw interviews with the members. With the movie slated for release in about a week’s time, the entertainment company has begun teasing fans.

Source: BIGBANG Facebook
Source: BIGBANG Facebook

YG Entertainment announced plans to release individual member teasers on V App, a real-time broadcasting mobile application, and the 1st teaser released yesterday (Monday, 20th June) featured BIGBANG’s leader. Subsequently, Taeyang’s teaser will be released today (Tuesday, 21st June); T.O.P’s teaser on Wednesday (22nd June); Daesung’s teaser on Thursday (23rd June); and maknae Seungri’s teaser on Friday (24th June).


The 1st video showed a teary-eyed G-Dragon talking about his fears, stating that he knows “fans feel sad and disappointed about” BIGBANG’s 10th anniversary, as BIGBANG feels the same too.

The video is a short preview of what can be expected from “BIGBANG10 THE MOVIE – BIGBANG MADE”, and if the teaser is an indication of the mood of the movie, we have a feeling we would bawl our eyes out when the movie premieres.

Watch G-Dragon’s teaser video here:

UPDATE (21st June, 2:56pm):

VIPs, Taeyang’s teaser video is out!

Taeyang’s teaser is starkly different from G-Dragon’s. While G-Dragon’s exuded a more subdued and melancholic feeling, Taeyang eases us in a jovial mood with his lighthearted banter.

However, this teaser is slightly ambiguous, as the artiste talks about a secret which is “confidential”, and hesitates to reveal anything more. In the end, he concludes that “(he) can’t say this”, so it seems like we’ll have to find out by watching the movie!

Watch it here:


UPDATE (23rd June, 10:22am):

If I tease him, he gets sulky. It’s so cute.

T.O.P’s teaser video for “BIGBANG10 THE MOVIE – BIGBANG MADE” has been released, and he reveals his adorable yet “evil” side by talking about his love for teasing the members.

We don’t know who the handsome heartthrob is talking about, but if we had to make a guess, we’d probably say it’s Seungri 😉

Enjoy T.O.P’s “revelation” here:

UPDATE (24th June, 10:52am):

Daesung’s teaser for “BIGBANG10 THE MOVIE – BIGBANG MADE” is here!

While the other teasers were much subdued and did not divulged much information, Daesung talked a lot more and expressed his appreciation for being able to go on tour and sing to an audience.

The singer, who was previously diagnosed with vocal chord nodules, also confessed that he worries about losing his voice.

Watch his confession here:

UPDATE (24th June, 4:26pm):

The last and final individual teaser for BIGBANG’s 10th anniversary movie is out!

Maknae Seungri showed his cute side, talking about something that was deleted but resurfaced. He also issued a dare, challenging the party who holds the item to, in his words, “put it up on the Internet”!

We assume that it’s an ugly and embarrassing photo of the youngest, but we’ll only know if we watch the movie!

Watch his challenge here:

For English and Chinese subtitles, watch the video on V App.

“BIGBANG10 THE MOVIE – BIGBANG MADE” will be released on 30th June in South Korea.

For more info, visit BIGBANG’s official Facebook page and special 10th anniversary website.

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