After nearly a month of teasing, the boys of BEAST are finally back with “Ribbon”.

With the pre-release track “Butterfly” giving fans a taste of what to expect for their comeback, “Ribbon”, this melodic heavy ballad did not disappoint. Released at 11pm yesterday (Sunday, 3rd July), the song features a look at the group without former member Hyunseung.

Source: mulgokizarys via Tumblr
Source: mulgokizarys via Tumblr

In this emotional music video, several members can be seen walking around aimlessly and smashing objects, seemingly disappointed and dejected. The boys are also shown to be lugging and dragging around heavy objects, which can be a metaphor for their emotional baggage.


Places like a train station, deserted grassland, and carnival are featured as BEAST sings their heart out over a lost love. They try to heal their aching hearts by walking away from the painful past – with Junhyung shown to be fixing a clock and Dujun trying to force a smile in front of a camera – but to no avail, as the clock fails to work and the photos come out with a frown instead of a smile.

Watch as BEAST battles with themselves emotionally here:

This is BEAST’s 1st comeback without Hyunseung, as the former member left due to “differences in personality”. Their latest effort, “Highlight”, is the group’s 3rd full studio album. A total of 12 songs will be included, with solo tracks by Junhyung, Yoseob, and Dongwoon, as well as a duet by Dujun and Gikwang.

“Highlight” is currently available in all major music stores.

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