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Popular Korean idol group B2ST has just released a teaser photo earlier today (Wednesday, 15th June) and fans are already going gaga! To the uninitiated, it might just be a photo, but to many B2uties, it’s a sign that their favourite boy group are still going strong, as this will be B2ST’s 1st comeback without former member Hyunseung.

Source: B2ST official Facebook
Source: B2ST official Facebook

In the teaser photo unveiled by Cube Entertainment, 5 butterflies, signifying the members of B2ST, can be seen against a background filled with clouds and rainbow pastel colours. It gives off a very dreamy feeling and honestly, it’s not what we expected from B2ST, as they typically present dark and grim concepts to fans.


Their 3rd full studio album, to be released on 4th July, will be named “Highlight”. Coincidentally, leader Doojoon’s birthday also falls on the same date.

Previously, in a V app broadcast, the group revealed that they were in the midst of shooting their music videos and will be releasing 2 music videos for this comeback. B2ST also disclosed that they were working out in order to present a “cool image” to fans.

Source: Doojoon's Instagram
Source: Doojoon’s Instagram

UPDATE (16th June, 12pm):

Cube Entertainment has released a 2nd teaser photo for B2ST’s upcoming comeback and the anticipation is killing us.

In the teaser, the members of the boy group can be seen holding on to the hands of another man behind the camera, but in the final photo, maknae Dongwoon seemed to be breaking away from the chain.

Source: BEAST's official Facebook
Source: BEAST’s official Facebook

Fans are speculating that it symbolises the departure of former member Hyunseung, who left the group due to “differences in personality”. We guess the only way for us to find out is to watch the teaser video, “The Prologue”, that will drop tonight at 11pm!

UPDATE (17th June, 10am):

B2ST’s video teaser is out!

Source: B2ST
Source: B2ST

The teaser, named “The Prologue”, has a hazy filter to it, giving it a dreamlike feeling. The members can be seen dressed in what looked like wedding suits, surrounded by nature: flowers, grasslands, and the woods.

Halfway through the video, black ribbons appear out of nowhere and bound the boys’ hands. The teaser then ends with Yoseob looking forlornly at the camera.

Watch it here:

UPDATE (21st June, 4pm):

We finally have the name of the title track for B2ST’s upcoming comeback!

Just this morning (Tuesday, 21st June), Cube Entertainment released a black and white teaser photo for “Highlight”, but that’s not all!

They revealed that the title song for the album will be “Ribbon”, and it’ll be composed by the producing team Good Life, made up of B2ST rapper Yong Junhyung and his friend Kim Taeju. Also written by Yong Junhyung, the number is said to be a pop R&B song featuring a vintage violin sound.

Source: BEAST Facebook
Source: BEAST’s official Facebook

UPDATE (23rd June, 12pm):

More info about B2ST’s upcoming album have been released!

The track list for “Highlight” was revealed, and it contains a total of 12 songs. Most of the songs were composed and written by member Junhyung.

That’s not to say the other members did not contribute. Yoseob arranged his solo, “Come Out”, while Dongwoon wrote the lyrics for his solo song, “I’ll Give You My All”. Leader Dujun and Gikwang will also be performing a duet titled “Baby It’s You”.

Source: B2ST official Facebook
Source: B2ST official Facebook

“Butterfly” will also be pre-released before the album, and it is described as a “traditional ballad song with a dramatic harmony that will move listener’s hearts”. A music video will be released for the track.

The song, slated for release at midnight on 27th June (Monday), will be heavily infused with the melodies of piano and acoustic guitar, with lyrics lamenting the departure of a lover.

Source: B2ST official Facebook
Source: B2ST official Facebook

UPDATE (28th June, 4:10pm):

Shortly after the release of “Butterfly”, the boys of B2ST have blessed us with some charismatic individual teaser images for their title track, “Ribbon” (리본).

Produced by Yong Junhyung and Kim Tae Joo’s Good Life team, “Ribbon” is described as an urban pop-ballad track. The group will be promoting double ballads, alongside “Butterfly”, for their comeback.

Check the photos out in the gallery below:

UPDATE (30th June, 3pm):

As B2ST’s comeback approaches us, more and more teasers have been released! This includes more photos and of course, a highlight medley.

The photos show the members of the idol group dressed up smartly in suits, with the “Highlight” logo surrounded by 5 butterflies plastered to the images. The teasers also reminded us of the “Butterfly” music video, as the singers wore similar outfits and are placed in an identical setting.

The audio teaser gives us an indication of how the upcoming album will sound like, with most of the songs taking on slower beats compared to their past releases. At least 5 of the songs are slower ballads, and fans are speculating that the group might be changing their direction because of the departure of Hyunseung.

Junhyung also revealed his inspiration for title track “Ribbon”, explaining:

The name “Ribbon” came from when I was wearing a hotel gown and on my way out when the ribbon came completely loose. That made me think, “Why did the ribbon come loose so easily?” I compared that to a lover. I thought it had been tied tightly, but it came loose, so that’s “Ribbon”.

‘Nuff talk, let’s present you with the video:

We can’t wait to see what they have in store for us!

For more information, visit B2ST’s official website and Facebook page.

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