Known as the Chinese rapper of EXO, no one was aware of his singing talent.

Former EXO-M member Tao, currently performing under the new stage name Z. Tao, has been releasing a string of songs, including a collaboration with Wiz Khalifa. But none of them prepared us for this track, “19 (十九岁)”, that would render us emotional train wrecks.

Source: 33lc
Source: 33lc

With bittersweet lyrics like “regrets will become beautiful images carved in our hearts”, this original soundtrack from “Edge of Innocence (夏天十九岁的肖像)” features both romantic and heartbreaking footage from the movie. Without revealing too much about the movie, the music video allows us to get to know the characters and how their relationship blossomed, while still retaining a mysterious element to it.


One of the scenes at the beach, showing the characters enjoying each others’ company, is guaranteed to melt your heart while another scene, showing an emotional argument between the main characters, will tug at your heartstrings.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

In the press preview for the movie, Z. Tao was also asked a few questions regarding SM Entertainment, but refused to answer, stating that he had “no interest”.

However, he became emotional and burst into tears after watching a video message from his grandmother, explaining that he felt sorry and responsible for the hate comments directed at his family, even though they’ve not done anything wrong.

He lamented:

Celebrities are people too. Do people really have the time to attack me and my family online? They could be using that time to better themselves. I never killed anyone or broke the law. I’m just living my life.

Watch the music video here:

“19 (十九岁)” will be included in Z. Tao’s yet-to-be released 1st studio album “The Road”.


“Edge of Innocence (夏天十九岁的肖像)” tells the story of the innocent and beautiful encounter of 2 19-year-olds, Kang Qiao and Xia Yingying. The film stars Z. Tao as Kang Qiao and Yang Cai Yu as Xia Yingying, with additional casts Calvin Tu and Li Meng.

It is slated for an 8th July release in China, but it is unknown if the movie will premiere in Malaysia cinemas.

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