Tao is back!

Following the news of Tao setting up his own solo studio in China, the former idol group member has officially made his solo debut as a Chinese artiste. Tao previously hinted at his solo debut by sharing a couple of pictures of him working in a recording studio on 26th June.

EXO Tao Recording Studio


As promised, a music video for his solo mini album was just released but already, he has landed in the heat of controversy yet again – this time, for the lyrics of his songs.

To commemorate the release of the music video, Tao posted on his Weibo:

“T.A.O” talks again of our “Yesterday”, and now I share “One Heart” with you all.

The message supposedly incorporates the titles of the 3 songs on the album.

He went on to say, “I recorded what I wanted to say in the lyrics. I hope you will like it. I thank everyone around me who has helped me. I hope that at this moment that all of us can be joyful and happy. As you have given me hope, I will give you all a more beautiful tomorrow. I love you.”


However, netizens on one online community site took the time to analyse the lyrics of the songs in “T.A.O” and noted that parts that seem to take a jab at his time in Korea as a musician under SM Entertainment, particularly in “T.A.O” and “One Heart”. As such, some netizens have taken issue with what they see as a sense of ingratitude for the fame and fandom he has gained due to his activities in Korea as part of EXO.

Do you think he was referring to his time in Korea, as part of EXO? Watch and listen to his newly released solo music video below:



Yay or nay? Let us know what you think!

Source: Soompi.

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