iKONICs, where you guys at?

It has been 4 months since iKON had their comeback, and now, YG Entertainment is ready to give fans another reason to go crazy by releasing Bobby‘s solo track.

A photo imitating a screenshot of popular messaging app LINE was posted via YG Entertainment’s Twitter yesterday (Monday, 16th May) at 4pm, and it featured a selfie of the group’s rapper, Bobby.

Source: YG-Life
Source: YG-Life

The message was seemingly sent by Bobby, who was named as “boyfriend” by the recipient of the message. The selfie wasn’t the only thing Bobby sent, as this message could also be seen in the photo:

What are you doing today?

At 12am last night, YG Entertainment uploaded the same teaser, this time with a new message, stating:

I’m recording my solo track right now.

The official title for the solo track has not been revealed yet, but we suspect that it might be “오늘모해 (WHAT YOU DOING)”, as the teasers were uploaded along with the hashtags, #오늘모해 and #WHATYOUDOING.

Source: soompi
Source: soompi

In 2013, iKON (previously known as Team B) was involved in the survival program “WHO IS NEXT: WIN”, which pitted them against another group of trainees who were named Team A (now known as Winner). Unfortunately, Team B lost, and they were thrown into the deep end as YG Entertainment decided to let the 2014 “Mix & Match” survival program decide their fate.

They finally debuted in 2015, and since then, they have released several hit songs, such as “취향저격 (My Type)“, “리듬 타 (Rhythm Ta)“, and “지못미 (Apology)“.

Meanwhile, we know you’re excited for iKON’s debut concert in Malaysia, so we’ll leave you with iKON’s iKONCERT 2016 “SHOWTIME TOUR” spot 😉


Don’t forget to keep a lookout on YG Entertainment’s official Twitter profile and iKON’s official Facebook page for more details on Bobby’s solo and iKONCERT in KL!

Source: soompi


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