Unlike iKON’s warm up single, which focused on the boys displaying their cute and innocent side, and iKON’s “Rhythm Ta“, which leaned towards the more “hip hop swag” side of music, “Airplane” takes it down a few notches.

In the previously released teaser images, the boys were seen showing off their grungy street look. But in fact, it’s the complete opposite of what we expected to see in the official music video!

iKON Airplane Teaser


We know now that perhaps YG Entertainment was trying to go for a “mellow” vibe because “Airplane” is a slow-tempo hip hop track, and a little bit ballad-y. The official music video, which was just released at midnight today (1st October, Thursday), tells a pretty sad story too – of love triangles and missed opportunities. Aww, this one’s gonna melt you into a useless puddle of goo 🙂

Watch “Airplane” below:

iKON’s debut half album, “Welcome Back“, is now available via iTunes here.

For more information, hit up iKON’s Facebook page.

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